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20 June 2014

The “Bears’ Island” Project

The joint environmental project of the «Beautiful Children in the Beautiful World» Foundation and the «Bryansk Forest» Nature Reserve has begun at the territory of the reserve. The aim of the project is to preserve, study and enlarge the unique population of bears.

The joint environmental project of the «Beautiful Children in the Beautiful World» Foundation and the «Bryansk Forest» Nature Reserve has begun at the territory of the reserve. The aim of the project is to preserve, study and enlarge the unique population of bears.

The «Beautiful Children in the Beautiful World» Foundation was established by the «M.Video» company in March 2013. The programme of the «Beautiful World» Foundation is directed to help supporting Russian reserves and national parks; the «Beautiful Children» programme helps to treat children with dentofacial pathology. In 2014 the Foundation decided to give part of the funds raised by the programme that helps reserves and national parks for the support of the «Bears’ Island» project of the «Bryansk Forest» Nature Reserve.

«Bears’ Island» is a piece of forest in the heart of Russia, in the densely populated region where bears feel at home. The main aim of the project is to support and preserve the unique population of bears on the southern border of the bear continuous range. The project is based upon using advanced technologies and modern methods of animal study.

«Bears’ Island» is a project that is very important to the reserve,  says Elena Sitnikova, the deputy director of science of «Bryansk Forest» Nature Reserve – At the end of 90’s and the beginning of 2000 we carried out a programme for the rehabilitation of the species of bears that had almost become extinct in the forests of Bryansk. We placed orphaned bear-cubs to the reserve. And now our aim is to investigate which bears we have in the area today, to understand the dynamics of the growth and development of the population and to bring more orphaned bear-cubs.

The «paper» stage of the work is done and now it’s time to work at the territory of the «Bryansk Forest». In the nearest future throughout the territory of the reserve and its surroundings 20 camera traps will be placed where the probability to meet a bear is the highest. The next stage is to place gene traps in the same places.

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Richard from Austria: first independent foreign visitor at Bryansk Forest

The first independent foreign visitor has recently arrived at Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve. Richard from Austria has been dreaming of visiting the russian village of Chukhrai for 10 years.

Beavers and trees – save them all

At the mansion of the Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve in the valley of the Terebushka river there is an ecological path: a special deck for wildlife exposure and description. The place has been chosen on purpose: the valley of the small forest river Terebushka is extremely beautiful. Not only people like it, but animals too — they settled in the river and its former beds long ago.

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