A strict nature reserve is an unusual open-air natural laboratory. Monitoring natural phenomena and processes of protected ecosystems lies at the core of scientific research in the reserve. The unique feature of such studies is that they are carried out over a long period and the continuity of research is maintained. Each year, the nature reserve assesses the state of protected natural ecosystems and the environment, monitors human influences on ecosystems in the region, and elaborates science-based methods to conserve natural habitat, populations of rare species of plants and animails, and the biological diversity of the biosphere.

The results of long-term field research of the reserve's scientific staff and scientists from other organizations working in the protected area are collected in the reserve's scientific archive. Conclusions of long-term scientific research are reflected in numerous articles, reports, and books, as well as documented each year in the reserve's Chronicles of Nature. In the time since the reserve's creation, scientists have published more than 600 scientific works, of which 50 are monographs and thematic scientific collections.

In 25 years, scientists of the Bryansk Forest Nature Reserve have published more than 600 scientific works in Russian and international publications, of these 50 were compilations.

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