Recommended Gear:

Visitors should be dressed in comfortable, weather-appropriate field clothing. On the route, tourists should wear a hat, long-sleeve shirt, sunglasses, a windbreaker, and other items (gloves, suncreen, etc), and comfortable shoes.

From May to July, mosquito repellent is recommended.

Waterproof or rubber shoes or boots when hiking in meadows and in the forest in the early hours of the day when dew is present.

A comfortable backpack or bag for personal items.

A waterbottle and personal medical kit.

Gear should be: light, sturdy, reliable, easy to use and reasonably versitile.

A windproof suit is recommended for water routes.

Nikolay Shpilenok

Safety Instructions for Tourists while Hiking:

All instructions and commands of the group leader shall be followed promptly;

All santitary and hygenic rules should be strictly followed on the hike, and the leader shall be informed immediately of any illness or traumas, no matter how insignificant, during the excursion;

During the excursion, refrain from trying any unknown berries or mushrooms, or from collecting poisonous plants for plant collections.

During windy and dusty weather, eyewear is recommended to avoid particles getting into your eyes.

To avoid sunstroke, it is important not to overdress or wear clothing without proper ventilation or that doesn't absorb perspiration.

It is not advised to drink water directly from natural sources and abandoned wells.

Visitors with health issues requiring regular medication should ensure that they have an adequate supply for the entire duration of the route, and shall unform the group leader of any medical conditions.

Nikolay Shpilenok
Where to stay
*You can sign up by phone 8 915 800 03 73 and +7 (48353) 2-57-74 (строго в будние дни)
Solnechny Station (Chukhrai village)
1 floor, standart
628 rubles/day/person
2 floor, deluxe
1033 rubles/day/person
дополнительное место (раскладушка) - 300 рублей.
Staroe Yamnoe Ranger Station
1 floor, standart
407 rubles/day/person
2 floor, deluxe
860 rubles/day/room
Use of washing facilities
795 rubles/hour (1-4 people)
дополнительное место (раскладушка) - 300 рублей.
Vily Ranger Station
Bunk beds
207 rubles/day/person
дополнительное место (раскладушка) - 300 рублей.
Proletarsky Ranger Station
Bunk beds
255 rubles/day/person
дополнительное место (раскладушка) - 300 рублей.

All the paths outside the Reserve territories are open for visitors at any time

All excursions
  • Guided tours and visiting the paths of the Reserve are available by reservation only.

You can sign up from Monday till Saturday

9 a.m. till 3 p.m.
Bryansk Forest Zapovednik

Overiew excursion

2200 е
Guided nature trail 1km excursion
60 е
Creatures of legends and tales

European bison excursion

2200 е
How to get the way to the Reserve
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